IELTS Speaking – Environment worksheet

Environment - IELTS Speaking

This amazing IELTS worksheet dives deep into one of the most difficult topics (at least for speaking!) – Environment. Firstly, there is a great exercise where students read through sample answers and define the vocabulary about Environment. Next, they apply their skills & knowledge in the actual IELTS questions. All 3 IELTS Speaking parts are present: Part 1 and Part 2 are on one page (ideally, a teacher can refresh Speaking strategies for Part 1, and the structure of the answer for Part 2!). For Part 3 IELTS Speaking, I recommend one of my favourite techniques: give students 1-2 minutes before they speak (depending on their level), let them make their notes on ideas and vocabulary. Next, practice the questions. At the exam, your students won’t have any time (yes, I know that!), but this exercise helps to build a lot of confidence as well as fluency since it’s much easier to speak with some ideas already on paper.

Upper-Intermediate, Advanced, Exam
Duration: 01:15 h.
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