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IELTS Speaking – Leisure time

In this worksheet, students look closely at one of the most popular topics at the IELTS Speaking section – Leisure time and practice IELTS Speaking Part 1 & 2. It’s no secret that examiners love asking about the way you spend your free time, your hobbies and your interests. After all, it’s a hugely popular …

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IELTS Speaking – Part 3

This is one of the best guides for IELTS Speaking Part 3 (according to many of my colleagues and students!). The worksheet starts off by introducing IELTS Part 3 Speaking format and a general strategy for answering the questions. Then, it presents top tips for the most common IELTS Speaking Part 3 question types: Why-questions, …

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IELTS Speaking – Part 1

Our top worksheet and guide for IELTS Speaking Part 1. It starts off with a few examples of awful answers (well, not as good as they could’ve been at least) and then offers invaluable tips and strategies. If used properly, these will guarantee an extremely high score at the exam: 8.0-9.0 (yes, IELTS Speaking Part …

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agree disagree

Opinion essays – Advertising

This worksheet is designed to teach IELTS students two common essay questions: To what extent do you agree? Discuss two views and give your opinion. Both essays are about advertising – quite a complex topic if you haven’t read or heard anything about. The worksheet starts off with a discussion task, where students talk about …

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