ESL Teaching assessment & counselling

We – teachers – always focus on our students: their tasks and goals, their progress and their knowledge & skills. At the same time, we often forget about our own skillset. This is where an ESL specialist could use some outside assistance to polish those teaching skills.

ESL Teaching Assessment

Our specialists are happy to provide teaching assessment services. An ESL counsellor will attend one of your lessons and will provide you with detailed feedback as well as recommendations for future development.

This is especially useful when starting out, as it can be extremely challenging to evaluate your teaching techniques and skills on your own.

Lesson assessment can be done both online and offline (if there is a counsellor near you).

Assessment Pricing

Evaluation of a lesson plus feedback
$ 49
  • 1-hour lesson assessment
  • Detailed feedback from an expert in ESL
  • FREE 30-minutes counselling session

Counselling sessions

For those ESL teachers who feel stuck at your current level and would like to speak to an expert in the field we offer ESL counselling sessions. These are 45-50 minutes dialogues with an ESL counsellor who will definitely have a few useful pieces of advice specially for you.

Our counsellors are both experts in TESL & TEFL as well as qualified coaches. Plus, we all are active teachers ourselves!

Counselling sessions for ESL teaching are available online only (Zoom / Google Meet).

ESL Counselling Pricing

Evaluation of a lesson plus feedback
$ 39
  • Single session - 45-50 minutes
  • 1-to-1 with an experienced ESL coach
  • 10% discount for the next sessions and/or assessments


"I contacted teach-esl for a lesson evaluation just to check if I was doing everything right. Alex was at one of my lessons (just sitting at the back so I wasn't too nervous) and after the class, we had a 30-minutes talk. I was quite surprised actually, I had never thought of some points he told me about! Thank you, it's definitely very useful!"
Anna K.
ESL Teacher
"I have been teaching for 5 years and I thought I was super good (not that I'm bad, but hey!). At my company, Jess from Teach-ESL was invited to attend several lessons, mine included and then we had a feedback session together with the other teachers. I actually did a good job, but found many ways to improve my teaching (for example, I was repeating some words after my students, and I was too pushy with the answers at times). It's impossible to spot these without anyone attending your class. Thank you! :)"
Avara R.
ESL Teacher