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We are a small team of passionate ESL experts. Our goal is to enhance learning and teaching experience by providing well-structured lesson plans and worksheets that your students will enjoy.

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Alex Vlasov ESL Teacher
Founder, ESL expert with 11 years of teaching experience in various fields
IELTS examiner from Spain with 5+ years of exam preparation experience
Designer and creative leader of our team

I've been teaching ESL my whole life, and I've used most of the study books available on the market today, including the most famous ones (Oxford Navigate, Cutting Edge, SpeakOut, Headway and many others). I've always enjoyed designing custom activities and exercises though, as no study book is perfect for every student.

Our main goal at TEACH-ESL.COM is to create high-quality ESL materials designed to take your teaching to the next level.

Alex Vlasov
Founder, ESL teacher

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